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Unlocking the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

Here's a rundown of sll shortcut commands and handy tips and tricks for Motorola PHOTON Q 4G LTE.

Unlocking the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

Postby Cook » 22 Aug 2012 07:45

Motorola recently released a tool that can be used to unlock the bootloaders of two phones and two tablets. The four devices that are able to have their bootloaders unlocked are:

  • Photon Q
  • RAZR developer edition
  • XOOM Wi-Fi
  • XOOM – Verizon

Although most of the Motorola users were hoping that the tool would support DROID RAZR, DROID RAZR MAXX, Bionic, and other previously released Motorola devices, they have decided to start off with their latest release, the Photon Q.


So here’s how the process is done on the Photon Q. Although you might get some minor issues, the overall process is pretty simple.


** Caution - This will void your warranty. This will also wipe your mobile completely clean, meaning you will lose all the data on your phone. So don’t proceed unless you are okay with that.

  1. Download the Android SDK and set it up.
  2. Download the latest Motorola drivers to your PC and install them.
  3. Visit Motorola’s bootloader site, click on “Proceed” past the step 1 and register an account.
  4. Plug your Photon Q to your PC and install the drivers for the device.
  5. After that, go to your SDK/Platform-tools folder.
  6. You will have to download the “fastboot.exe” if it is not already in the Platform-tools folder.
  7. Open up a command prompt from inside your SDK/Platform-tools folder.
    * Hold down SHIFT key and Right Click – Select “Open command window here”
  8. Type -
    adb reboot bootloader
  9. After the phone reboots into the bootloader, type -
    fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  10. The command prompt should now display the device ID which has to be entered at Motorola website.

  11. You must piece together all the 4 lines in the command prompt and enter in the “Verify device is unlockable” box.
    * You should not exclude the word “INFO” at the start of each line. Piece the 4 lines together (without the word “INFO”), then paste them in the “Verify device is unlockable” box.
  12. After you paste the lines and click the “Verify device is unlockable” box, you will see a button that says “Request Unlock Key”.

  13. Press the button that says “Request Unlock Key”, and Motorola will send you the unlock key via email.
  14. Remember to keep the email open when proceeding forward.
  15. Make sure that your mobile is still plugged in to the PC and sitting at fastboot.
  16. Go to command prompt and type -
    fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY.

    * Replace UNIQUE_KEY with the unlock key in your email
  17. The bootloader of your phone will now be unlocked and you will see the following two screens:


  18. The mobile will now reboot and the bootloader will be locked.
  19. Congratulations! Now you can go flash an AOSP ROM.
  20. Enjoy!
:) :)
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Re: Unlocking the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

Postby Iroshw » 23 Aug 2012 05:12

Great post with easy instructions. Thank you mate for sharing this.
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Re: Unlocking the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

Postby AprilRose » 25 Aug 2012 06:53

Good and LOOOOOOONG post. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Unlocking the Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

Postby TopHarryMartin » 27 Aug 2012 19:27

Very useful post and great info. Thanks mate
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