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How to test GPS in the Motorola Xoom

Here's a rundown of sll shortcut commands and handy tips and tricks for Motorola Xoom.

How to test GPS in the Motorola Xoom

Postby che123 » 17 Nov 2011 15:05

There are two free useful tool apps for GPS in the Android market which we can use, GPS test and GPS Status and Toolbox.
Both apps share the similar functions and features. In this tips and tricks, we will be using GPS test app.


1. Go ... ss.gpstest to download and install the app from Android market


2. Launch the app

3. Wait for a while and the floating bar charts will appear


Do not forget to turn on GPS by going to Settings>Location & security> Use GPS satellites


The more green bars appear on the screen, means the Motorola Xoom is getting a good signal from the satellite. If you are getting very few grey bars on the status, you may want to move your Motorola Xoom to an open area to able to get better GPS reception. However, there are two possibilities if you did not see any bars on the screen, either you are running this app indoor or the GPS chip in the Motorola Xoom is faulty.


If you are feeling geeky, you can download GPS Status and Toolbox here, which provide raw GPS data on your Motorola Xoom.

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Re: How to test GPS in the Motorola Xoom

Postby 819058 » 17 Nov 2011 15:08

very useful tip for new users
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