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Selling 100k Per Week

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Selling 100k Per Week

Postby Hafsa Adil » 01 Oct 2013 14:11

Motorola is now selling almost 100k moto x per week. Moto x is one of the most loved of all the motorola devices and that is why it is selling huge. People are loving this and as a result, the lost popularity of motorola is regaining. This is a great sign. In a report, motorola said that now they are selling 100k moto x per weekin usa and they are happy about it.

Though iPhone had 6 milion sells in their first week and samsung is having around 5, these are global products. Motorola is selling only in the us market and that is why they are happy with their 100k result.

A news also came that, like apple, motorola is also planning a cost reduced moto x version. This will be a miniature version of the original moto x. It will have the same design as the moto x original. Motorola is hoping that, they will be able to grab a huge market with their new one.
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