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Motorola Olympus to launch on AT&T in December? Not likely

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Motorola Olympus to launch on AT&T in December? Not likely

Postby gammah » 14 Jan 2012 14:02


Readers of this site know by now that the Motorola Olympus (Terminator) is coming to AT&T soon, but the carrier has yet to officially announce the device or even confirm it exists. Today a curious customer pinged AT&T on Facebook to ask when the Olympus was coming out and the person running the account replied “The Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January”.

We saw AT&T’s response live on Facebook just a few minutes ago, but it was just taken down. Thankfully our friends at BGR managed to take a quick screen grab to prove it really happened.

I seriously doubt the dual-core packing Olympus will arrive in December and the January date sounds more likely. We keep hearing that AT&T and Motorola will announce the device at CES on January 5th and the target launch date is the last week of January.

If anything, we think the Olympus might be delayed so Motorola can update its software to Android 2.3. Current test units of the Olympus are running Android 2.2 with Motoblur, but Google is expected to announce Gingerbread (Android 2.3) in the next few weeks and we hope Motorola gets it on this device by launch.

The real question now is how does AT&T market this device to get Android fans excited about purchasing it? They don’t have a flagship Android brand and their software support has sucked in the past, so AT&T will need to mix things up if they are to compete with Verizon’s Droid 4G version of the same device (codenamed Etna).

I would love a dual-core phone for Christmas, but it doesn’t look like Santa will deliver this year.

Update: Here is AT&T’s official statement regarding the posting: “This response was posted erroneously. We don’t have any information to share about upcoming devices.”
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Re: Motorola Olympus to launch on AT&T in December? Not like

Postby amilo09 » 14 Jan 2012 14:51

Is Motorola worried about cannibalizing sales on their current AT&T Android lineup?
if that's the case, they have nothing to worry about. When you put out
crap Android devices (or crap devices in general of any OS) it tends to
not work out too well. Backflip, Charm, is there anything with 1 Ghz
from Moto on AT&T?

Just give people who love Android on
AT&T something to brag to their friends about. I think most can
agree that the best Android devices are between:
Maybe G2? I haven't gotten to play with one... and there's virtually no T-Mobile presence in my area so I can't really comment.

seriously, AWESOME Android phones have been out for-EVER, and you can't
give ONE little clue to satisfy those who actually stayed with
AT&T? I say this because I left AT&T for the EVO since I gave up
hope that AT&T would embrace Android seriously.
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