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How to add ringtone to Droid Bionic?

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How to add ringtone to Droid Bionic?

Postby 819058 » 16 Nov 2011 18:18

Once you have some great ringtones on your computer, you’re ready to go:

1. Ensure your microSD card is in your Motorola DROID BIONIC, then connect the phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable
1. If your Motorola DROID BIONIC does not mount automatically, touch the USB icon that appears in the menu bar at the top of the display, drag it down to expose the Android Notification Pane, then tap on USB Connected and select Mount (or Disk Drive)
2. Using a file explorer on your computer, navigate to the root folder (the main directory) of the memory card in your Motorola DROID BIONIC
3. Create a new folder called ringtones (some devices require a lowercase “r” so please name the new folder exactly as specified)
4. Now, simply copy all of the MP3 ringtones you want on your Motorola DROID BIONIC into the new ringtones folder

That’s it! You can now unmount your Motorola DROID BIONIC and your ringtones will become available as options when changing your ringtone.

To set one of your new MP3s as your ringtone:

1. From the home screen, tap Menu then Settings
2. Tap Sound, then Phone ringtone
3. Scroll to the ringtone you want, select it and then tap OK

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Re: How to add ringtone to Droid Bionic?

Postby btonyb » 16 Nov 2011 18:20

please post some thrilling tones.
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