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Motorola Rep: Droid Bionic ICS Update Roll Out in September

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Motorola Rep: Droid Bionic ICS Update Roll Out in September

Postby Newell1 » 03 Sep 2012 15:30

Looks like Motorola Mobility is planning to roll out the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update within September.

According to this Motorola representative, who seems to have a fair knowledge about the status of the Droid Bionic ICS update, Motorola Mobility is currently panning to roll out the ICS update at some point during the month of September. However, there was no mention of a specific release date.

As per what the Motorola rep is saying, the Droid Bionic ICS update is now at the development phase. So the next step will be the “Testing phase”. And the testing phase will probably consist of both in-house testing and the soak test, which means that a selected group of Droid Bionic users would be receiving the ICS update before it rolls out to all the devices. And after the testing phase, all the Droid Bionic users will receive the update on their devices.


So it seems like September is going to be the month that the much awaited Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update is going to arrive. Although Motorola previously promised an early Q3 release, it seems like the update is only going to come out in the late Q3 (in the last month of the Q3).

Although Motorola is taking so much time with the ICS update for Droid Bionic, it has been receiving a number of leaks and ROMs. The CM group even came up with an alpha Jelly Bean update for Droid Bionic.

The main cause for the delay of the Droid Bionic ICS update was seen as the bugs that came with the ICS updates for the RAZRs. The Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX are still waiting for the ICS bug fix update. Although the release dates of any of these updates are not set in stone, we can hope that both these updates will be coming out around the same time.

Watch the You Tube Video - ICS 4.0.4 on bionic

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Re: Motorola Rep: Droid Bionic ICS Update Roll Out in Septem

Postby AprilRose » 04 Sep 2012 05:08

I did an article about Droid Bionic few months ago. I love this Model and it is really attracting.

This is really a good news for Bionic users.
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