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GingerBlur ROM for Atrix 4G

Discussion about the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G

GingerBlur ROM for Atrix 4G

Postby 7Colors » 13 Apr 2011 10:12


Please note: This is not Gingerbread by Android

Motorola’s Atrix 4G is a crazy beast of a device. Inside, it sports a dual-core Tegra 2 chip from NVIDIA, a full gigabyte of RAM, and HDMI output. On the software side, the Atrix 4G runs Android 2.2 Froyo with Motorola’s Blur skin.

GingerBlur is a pseudo-ROM for the Motorola Atrix 4G that aims to replace Motorola’s Blur look and feel with the style of Android’s Gingerbread release. If you haven’t already rooted your Atrix 4G, this ROM will root your phone for you and enable sideloading capabilities.

At the moment, this installation isn’t recommended for everyone. If you’ve never modified your Android phone, you might want to stay away from this ROM until it drops the “Beta” tag. It still has a few bugs and kinks to work out. Check out the feature set below along with the changelog, screenshots, and installation instructions. Support for this ROM will be provided over at the XDA-Developers forum.


Deodexed framework & system
Gingerbread style
Stock Android 2.3 lock screen theme
Android 2.3 Gingerbread icons for applications
Removes /system/app bloatware
Removes /data/app bloatware
Nexus S Live Wallpaper
Flash 10.2
with fully upgraded Tegra 2 support
Gingerbread Launcher
Gingerbread themed dialer
GingerBlur boot screen
Widget Picker (for grouped widgets)
Gingerbread Power Widget
Gingerbread Keyboard
Ad blocking via “hosts” file
Stock Gallery (3D Gallery)
Stock Clock (with Alarm Clock)
with Google Voice Action (ie. “set alarm 4:00 PM”)
Webtop hack option
HDMI hack option
Stock Messaging app


Version 1.3:
- Changed WiFi sleep policy to “never”
Recommended change to “when screen is off” under Menu >> Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Wi-Fi Settings >> Menu >> Advanced
- Disabled “media scanning” for speed
- Lowered proximity sensor delay
- Raised WiFi check intervals (battery life)


Calendar widget broken
USB mode sticks

Windows PC
Drivers installed
32-bit or 64-bit
Tenfar’s CWM Recovery ... ?t=1019143
1.5.7 OTA Update

For screenshots:


Download the .zip file above
Place .zip file on external microSD card
Reboot into Tenfar’s custom recovery
Click “install zip from SDCARD”
Choose zip from sdcard
Pick the GingerBlur .zip
Install it!

Support and help will be offered over at the XDA-Developers forum . Head on over to the thread there to check out some commonly asked questions or ask some of your own.

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Re: GingerBlur ROM for Atrix 4G

Postby 7Colors » 13 Apr 2011 10:22

I couldn't wait for this update.
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Re: GingerBlur ROM for Atrix 4G

Postby 42VanHold » 14 Apr 2011 21:29

Its about to go down, OMG! Thank goodness!
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Re: GingerBlur ROM for Atrix 4G

Postby Flip87 » 16 Apr 2011 14:12

Bump bump bump!
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