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Increase Your Battery Life / Save Your Time

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Increase Your Battery Life / Save Your Time

Postby strawfox » 20 Mar 2011 14:51

This info doesn't come from me but from 2 (I believe trustful) sources:

Isidor Buchmann,CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc., in Vancouver BC, award winning author of many articles and books on batteries,has studied about rechargeable batteries for 2 decades
Fran Hoffart, Applications Engineer, Linear Technology, Milpitas, California

Motorola Atrix 4G Batteries:

Motorola Atrix 4G Batteries keep you connected. Li-ion Motorola Atrix 4G Batteries have no memory effect and require two to three complete charge / discharge cycles to reach full performance. Motorola markets it as providing less than 9 hours of talk time. So this article looks at how today’s cell phone users can conserve battery life without diminishing the overall smartphone experience too much. Cutting-edge Android smartphones demand a great deal of power. Take the Motorola Atrix, for instance. It has a dual-core 1000MHz CPU, a 4.0-inch HD display, Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth, two cameras, video recording capabilities and so forth. But in order to keep overall price and weight down, Motorola includes a 1930mAh battery, which is good for about 9 hours of talk time. Talk time doesn’t factor in using apps, watching videos and listening to music. So let’s examine at how cell phone users can conserve battery life. We’ll focus on the Atrix, but much of this advice will be universal. Like all popular smartphones, there’s a wide array of Motorola Atrix accessories on the market. A Motorola Atrix case and Motorola Atrix screen protector rank among the most popular. But unlike most smartphones, the Motorola Atrix has a built-in charger, and you can simply snap it into a docking station on a laptop. This is the wave of the future, but right now, the Motorola Atrix is one of the few smartphones offering this capability. So the first step an Atrix user can take to conserve juice is to have it connected to the laptop whenever possible because the laptop battery has more life and drains slower than the smartphone battery.


Another important step that all cell phone users can take is to condition the battery, and this is something you should do with any new smartphone. To do this, run through the initial setup, and then pull the battery. This will turn the device off completely. Now you can reinsert the battery, leave the device off, plug it in via an AC charger and let it sit like that overnight or at least 4-8 hours. Then use the phone until it you discharge it completely. Do this 3 times or at least twice, which will ensure that your smartphone battery operates at its maximum capacity. The next step is to configure your smartphone’s services. Android devices in particular are notorious for a large number of default always-on services that you won’t actually ever use. Each of these services drains a little power, and while it might not seem like much, it adds up quick. So go through them all, look those up online if need be, and shut off all the ones you don’t need. Don’t worry about making a mistake since you can always turn them back on. And if you install an app that needs the service, it will usually take care of it or prompt you. The most power-hungry aspect of any device, including the Motorola Atrix, is the screen, so turn screen brightness down considerably. On a high-quality device like the Atrix, you can turn the screen down to as much as 30% and still have it be usable and look great. Another step you can take is to turn off email notification. For most people this is a waste of juice because they check their email so often anyway. Take these steps and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your cell phone battery.

Charging tips

* partial-discharge cycles can greatly increase cycle life, and charging to less than 100% capacity can increase battery life even further
* after a full charge, a Li-ion battery will typically lose about 5% capacity in the first 24 hours, then approximately 3% per month because of self-discharge and an additional 3% per month if the battery pack has pack-protection circuitry
* no need to charge for 5+ hours for the first time (priming), this doesn't work for li-ion chemistry
* use ONLY ORIGINAL or HTC CERTIFIED chargers and batteries (they have extremely important function of cutting off
the current when charging is at 100% * )
* battery cannot be reconditioned by over-charging - avoid higher than 4,2V current (which might boost capacity but shorten cycle life)
* no need to worry about memory effect with "unscheduled" charging
* avoid soft reseting your phone while charging
* allow several full charges after doing hard reset to get accurate reading
* try to keep battery stress as low as possible when charging (sure shot is to charge the phone when turned off)
* a deliberate full discharge and recharge every 30 charges corrects "wrong reading" phenomena in most cases, if ignored, the battery gauge will become increasingly less accurate
* using battery chargers that feature a reduced float voltage (4-4.1V) can increase battery life when used to charge a 4.2V Li-ion battery


Discharging tips

* full discharge cycles (down to 2.5 V or 3 V, depending on chemistry) should be avoided if possible (except for above mentioned case of recalibrating device)
* using only 20% or 30% of the battery capacity before recharging will extend cycle life considerably. As a general rule, 5 to 10 shallow discharge cycles are equal to one full discharge cycle
* avoid frequent full discharges, very deep discharges will quickly, permanently damage a Li-ion battery
* avoid high-stress discharging, slower discharge=better battery life
* discharge level doubles with every 10°C (18°F) of increased enviromental temperature


Usage tips

* avoid extreme load conditions (applications using a lot of energy)
* avoid keeping a fully charged battery at high temperatures
* battery stored for a year or more will start "aging" - irreversible
capacity lowering
* maintaining a Li-ion battery in a fully charged condition will shorten its lifetime
* store batteries charged at 40%
* replace battery if original level drops bellow 80%, battery will lose about 10% of useful capacity each year (whether used or not)


* Selecting a charger that uses minimum charge-current termination (C/10 or C/x) can also extend battery life by not charging to 100% capacity. For example, ending a charge cycle when the current drops to C/5 is similar to reducing the float voltage to 4.3 V (see fig.2 bellow). In both instances, the battery is only charged to approximately 85% of capacity, which is an important factor in battery life. The letter “C” is a battery term used to indicate the battery manufacturers stated battery discharge capacity, measured in milliamp-hours. For example, a 2000-mAhr rated battery can supply a 2000-mA load for one hour before the cell voltage drops to its zero-capacity voltage.

Types of Li-ion batteries:

Charging dependencies:


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Re: Increase Your Battery Life / Save Your Time

Postby ollie86 » 20 Mar 2011 18:31

Turning Off bluetooth and Wi-fi while enabling the power save mode helps also save battery of mobile phone :)

very useful topic Thanks for Help !
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Re: Increase Your Battery Life / Save Your Time

Postby a1terego » 20 Mar 2011 18:34

I would also like to know how much more battery life will I get out all of this. I can see some of the features might train the battery. Thanks for the tips. :mrgreen:
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Re: Increase Your Battery Life / Save Your Time

Postby » 20 Mar 2011 18:38

Great Article @ Strawfox Thank you so much, that helped alot!

Ollie@Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth really helps, thanks for the tips.
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